Valter Beaković
Valter Beaković
Agenor automatika

CEO of Agenor automatika d.o.o. with over 20 years of experience in buidling and industrial automation.
Together with customers and partners working to deliver on the potential of digitalization in the hotel industry.
Specialized on connecting heterogeneus technical systems in a unified control and monitoring system often spanning many geographical locations.
Delivering and integration of smart metering systems, energy control systems, HVAC systems, swimming pools, hot water preparation, integration of thrid party systems.
In the last five years working on projects to unlock value of integrated control systems through unified and standardized user interfaces,
smart alarming, energy efficiency, integraded data analytics, remote access and assistance with a special focus on cyber security of buidling automation systems.
Responsable for business development of the building automation sector and looking how to leverage the cloud and machine learning to improve building automation systems.
Chartered Electrical engineer and regular speaker on specialized electrical engineering conferences.

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