Luka Berger

Luka Berger is the founder and CEO Flexkeeping – one of the fastest growing hotel operations platforms in the world at the moment. His experience in hotel operations started in 2012 in Yellowstone National Park, USA, where Luka worked in a hotel as a housekeeper and a porter. Upon seeing how the work was structured and how the communication between hotel staff was struggling, the idea of Flexkeeping was born with the aim to make communication between hotel staff as simple and efficient as possible.
In the past 5 years of development, Flexkeeping has reached more than 30.000 hotel rooms in 15 countries world wide and the company has gained over 1 mio € of venture capital investments from international investors. Next to Flexkeeping Luka is also researching and speaking about the correlation between modern day technology that is present in our every day life, how it is changing the society as such and thus effecting the way hospitality is or could be operated in the future.