Linde Borger

Linde worked for Hilton Hotels since 2006 across 4 different continents. Next to the different commercial leadership roles she fulfilled, she has always passionately participated in Hilton´s global sustainability program. Since July 2021 she started the Hotels for Trees Foundation together with founder Floris Licht.

The Hotels for Trees Foundation contributes directly to a greener hotel world. A hotel world in which one new tree is planted each time a guest chooses to skip the daily room cleaning. The impact of this green choice can already be seen on the Hotels for Trees website the very next day and directly contributes to (re-)forestation projects across the globe. Hotels for Trees started in the Netherlands and has rapidly expanded in Europe. Further expansion to Australia and the US is currently underway. The goal is to expand Hotels for Trees accross the globe in the years to come, whereby the aim is to plant at least 1 million trees per year as of 2025.