Sandi Kovačević

Sandi has been dedicated to tourism from early ages. After decade of working in hotel business, at 2010 he became a general manager of Hotel CUBO, one of the leading business hotels in Slovenia. Few years later CUBO brand expanded their hotel business to one of the most known golf courses in the region – CUBO golf course Ljubljana.

As a General manager at hotel CUBO and a manager in charge of CUBO golf course, Sandi is responsible for all aspects of operations, staff management and guests relations. Foremost he is in charge of leadership and strategic planning to all departments within both premises and subsequently for setting goals, plans and budgeting for new projects that are due to open with CUBO group brand name within few years.

Success of both, hotel CUBO and CUBO golf is not only a credit of personal approach to each and every guests and fulfilling guests expectations, but a credit of constant evolvement of product and staying ahead of the competition. In last year hotel CUBO is undergoing main digital transformation to improve customer experience.