Gorjan Lazarov

Gorjan is the Chief Executive Officer at OREA Hotels & Resorts, a Czech company from the 80s which has gone through a complete makeover in the last five years. OREA is the largest Czech hotel brand with 20 hotels, in the most attractive destinations all over the Czech Republic. The brand is ready to grow with its commitment to differentiate on delivering a great customer experience.

Lazarov is a passionate leader that drives change by innovation and motivating the team to perform at its best. A true believer that exceptional customer experiences are core for exceptional long-term financial results. He and his team are behind the turnaround of the largest Czech hotel brand. Changed company culture to people first and passion for service. Re-organized the company and implemented product and service improvement projects resulting in increased customer satisfaction, which translated to doubled profitability and growth of revenues from 25M to 40M EUR between 2016 and 2019.

Gorjan has cross-industry experience, working for hospitality and telco through his career. He started his career in Prague at the Prague Marriott Hotel in finance, and after one year he became Revenue Manager for the same hotel. In 2004 he started to work for Oskar as Pricing Manager, he was responsible for the pricing strategy of the third and fastest-growing mobile operator in the Czech Republic. Lazarov also worked for Vodafone Czech Republic as Director of Pricing and Products and this, according to him, has opened a unique cross industry perspective -building a strong company culture and motivated people, bringing satisfied customers. The result is – exceptional shareholders returns.