Christina Hiedl

The Munich-based Ruby Group is breaking new ground with its “Lean Luxury” Philosophy. By heaving a lean organisational structure and concentrating on the essentials, Ruby manages to create a contemporary, affordable form of luxury for modern, cost-and-style-conscious customers. Founded in 2013, the group already operates 16 hotels, with many more under construction or even planning phase under construction. Additionally, in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Vienna, Ruby offers Ruby Works: flexible, perfectly equipped workspacesand a creative ambiance with access to an inspiring office community.

To us, luxury means laid-back comfort instead of pretty facades. Character and soul instead of polished surfaces.No expansive prestige addresses, but where the authentic heart of hte city beats.Christina overseas the F&B performance of all existing hotels, sourcing F&B suppliers, managing F&B cost control, digitalization, innnovation and customer journey, and is constantly looking for product and ystem innovation.