Number of registrations Price (until October 10th)
1 person 205,00 EUR per person
2 to 3 people 180,00 EUR per person
4 to 6 people 160,00 EUR per person
7 to 10 people 140,00 EUR per person
11 to 19 people 125,00 EUR per person
Over 20 people 115,00 EUR per person

*Note: Prices are expressed without VAT.

Please check all the entries as they will be listed on the accreditation as they are written HERE. In case you do not currently have a list of all the participants you want to register (and you want to pay accreditation’s at our special price), you may register immediately, and then submit the list at the latest by October 23rd at

HOW 2021 – Akreditacija HOTEL


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